Hyrule Warriors Legends Version 1.6.0 Update Now Available


With this week welcoming the A Link Between Worlds Pack, Hyrule Warriors Legends has added travelling merchant Ravio and evil sorcerer Yuga as the last playable characters.

That has seen the Nintendo 3DS exclusive receive a software update to Version 1.6.0, which, while paving the way for the downloadable content, has raised the maximum warrior level, introduced a new fairy companion, and added new Rental Skills, weapons, Heart Power, and food.

This will require 1598 blocks to download, with the complete Version 1.6.0 update notes detailed below:

  • Raised maximum warrior level to 255 and added new medals!
  • Introduced a new fairy companion, waiting to lend you her strength and join you on your adventure! To meet her, you’ll have to make progress in Adventure Mode.
  • Introduced new Rental Skills to let your fairy companions grow even stronger!
  • You can now find weapons with a new skill!
  • “Heart Power” increases a warrior’s attack damage according to their maximum hearts. Make your favourite weapons even better!
  • You may now find more food at once!
  • Improved game stability

Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends are now available worldwide on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS respectively.

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