Hyrule Warriors Legends Pre-Order Bonus Hits Nintendo Official UK Store


We’re looking forward to charging headlong into battle in Hyrule Warriors Legends, with the Nintendo 3DS exclusive port edging toward its western launch in March. For those still yet to place their pre-order, the Nintendo Official UK Store has sweetened the deal.

Those that pre-order the Hyrule Warriors Legends Limited Edition from the online retailer will be rewarded with an exclusive costume set. This will include Link’s Classic Costume and two fairy companion outfits with in-game benefits, which cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.

The Twilight outfit increases damage caused by Quake Fairy Magic and decreases its cost, whereas the Classic outfit increases the Shine Fairy Magic’s power and similarly lowering its cost.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America on March 25th.

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