HyperParasite Coming To Nintendo Switch On April 3rd

HyperParasite Screenshot

HoundPicked Games and Troglobytes Games have confirmed a release date for their relentless rogue-lite, twin-stick, snatch, zap, and shoot ’em up HyperParasite on Nintendo Switch.

With a parasitic organism consuming the world’s population to make them unwilling hosts to wreak unfathomable havoc, World War III has been declared.

Martial law has been enacted, resulting in battle-hardened law enforcers becoming allies with the most degenerate criminals to hunt down those that need to be eliminated.

The unexpected twist is that you are the organism on a mission, with the freedom to control 60 different classes to explore their weapons and moves to conquer the game’s 13 levels, crazy boss fights, and mini-bosses.

HyperParasite will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 3rd April 2020.

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