Hyperkin unveil Nintendo 3DS Powerplus Battery

hyperkin logo

If you’re looking to expand the battery life of your Nintendo 3DS, then Hyperkin, a trusted brand of video game peripherals, have announced that they are to release the 3DS Powerplus.

Described as featuring a lightweight, sleek 1/4″ design that slides onto the back of the Nintendo 3DS, the peripheral provides an 1800 mHA battery more than doubling the playing time of the handheld system.

It’s unobtrusive as well, providing grips to enable you to still hold the system easily and allows full access to original functions including the cartridge port, stylus, SD card and all control buttons.

“The 3DS Powerplus is a great way to juice your 3DS for marathon gaming. It doubles the battery life and it’s incredibly comfortable to use,” stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Business Director. “The 3DS default battery is 1300 mAH. In 3D mode with normal sound, the system only provides three and a half hours of playtime. The 3DS Powerplus more than doubles the battery life while still remaining unobtrusive.”

The 3DS Powerplus is due to release at retail across North America in Summer, priced at $19.99.

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