HyperBrawl Tournament Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

HyperBrawl Tournament Logo

Milky Tea Studios have confirmed a release date for HyperBrawl Tournament on Nintendo Switch.

“With robust online and offline multiplayer modes, a free-flowing single-player campaign, HyperBrawl Tournament is a true party game experience that has been developed to play on the couch with friends and online,” explains Milky Tea Studios founder and studio director Jonathan Holmes.

“After months of fine-tuning in the studio and with help from our community, we are proud to announce that it will launch simultaneously on PC and console on October 20th”.

This high-adrenaline arcade-style sports brawler will challenge you to smash, brawl and score to secure victory in player-versus-player arena battles against up to four combatants.

You must master the HyperCurve, seizing control of the ball midflight before attempting to score legendary goals – using the HyperForce at critical moments to help turn the tide of the match in your favour.

There are 12 intergalactic heroes to choose from who are divided into three classes – Swift, Core and Tank – who each have eight mythical weapons to choose from.

You will then compete in 12 arenas spread across all of space and time, that each come packed with dynamic obstacles that make each match even more unpredictable – such as portals, risers and moving floors.

HyperBrawl Tournament will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 20th October 2020.

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