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My Nintendo Rewards Program Adds New Discounts In Europe

My Nintendo has added new discounts across Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games as rewards in Europe. These include discounts on recent additions to the Nintendo Selects range, as well as other retail and Nin...


Club Nintendo’s Stars Catalogue adds Wii U and 3DS download code rewards

Having promised that the Club Nintendo service would go out with a bang ahead of being closed later this year, Nintendo of Europe have today extended the Stars Catalogue. That has seen Wii U and Ninte...

Hydroventure: Spin Cycle Review

Having already made a splash on the rather underappreciated WiiWare service, Curve Digital look to skim their success across the pond to the Nintendo eShop. Hydroventure: Spin Cycle replaces the Wii R...

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Hydroventure: Spin Cycle whirls to Europe

Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that Hydroventure: Spin Cycle will be available across Europe in December. Its story centres upon a book located in a Wizard’s Study, that is illustrated with p...

Fluidity: Spin Cycle headed to Nintendo eShop

Nintendo of America have confirmed that Fluidity: Spin Cycle will release through the Nintendo eShop during Q4 2012. Whilst little is known regarding the game, it will most likely be a successor to Cu...

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