Hurl Explosives In Bombslinger On Nintendo Switch

Bombslinger Screenshot

Mode4 has announced that Bombslinger will release on Nintendo Switch, an action-maze game that keeps the four-player free-for-all mayhem that the bomb-throwing genre is known for.

The story follows the Bombslinger, a ruthless bandit turned peaceful rancher who is on a quest to avenge the murder of his wife and the destruction of his ranch at the hands of his brother, the Gunslinger.

With procedurally generated levels, character progression with skill upgrades, and offensive and defensive items, it’s more than a tale of revenge in the Wild West.

“We’ve enjoyed working with players to make sure Bombslinger has enough content to create a highly replayable experience players can enjoy alone or with friends,” explains Mode4 co-founder, programmer and designer Ferry Keesom. “We look forward to sharing the fruits of our love of classic westerns and bomb-slinging games with new audiences.”

Bombslinger will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 11th.

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