Hunt Tourists In Cannibal Cuisine On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Cannibal Cuisine Logo

Rocket Vulture has announced that their chaotic co-op cooking game Cannibal Cuisine will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

The god Hoochooboo is hungry but, as all good cannibal cooks know, serving up food is better than being served up yourself.

In local multiplayer, up to four players will be challenged to hunt tourists through jungles, temples, beaches and volcanoes to feed and appease the cannibal god.

The mystical voodoo powers that each character has will help, whether that allow you to dash, place a healing totem or even breathe fire.

There are more than 20 levels along with other activities that will challenge you to outrun the Spiky Log of Doom or defeat waves of tourists and their tour boss in the jungle arena.

Cannibal Cuisine will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 20th May 2020.

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