How To Unlock Master COM Difficulty In Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Master COM Difficulty Screenshot

If the Normal, Hard and Very Hard difficulty options in Super Mario Party aren’t proving enough of a challenge for you, then you will likely want to know how to unlock Master COM difficulty.

As with the other content that partygoers can unlock in the Nintendo Switch exclusive, it’s not particularly clear how to exactly trigger the process. I had collected all five Gems to be awarded the Super Star title and had largely played with Hard COM characters when I noticed that Kamek had started to hang around the Warp Pipe that leads to Toad’s Rec Room.

“Well, well. A minigame master is joining the party!” Kamek will reveal. “Any guesses on who it is? By the way, I was the one who invited this master. So let’s see some gratitude!”

I believe that this could be any character that you will find standing around in Party Plaza, but, for me, it was Rosalina. When I spoke to her, she revealed: “I’ve grown strong enough to be considered a minigame master. I believe I would test your skills to the fullest. Shall we go now and see?”

At this point, you can choose to add the character to your party or not – the Master COM difficulty unlocking regardless of whether you add them. You can then return to Toad at the entrance to Party Plaza to change who is in your party and their difficulties – now with Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Master options.

Super Mario Party is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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