How to unlock complete Stamp Collection in Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 8 is another game in which Nintendo choose to distract us in our Stamp Collection pursuits.

These can be used in any Miiverse posts that you create relating to the Wii U exclusive, and you are provided with 28 right from the get go. However, there are 90 in total and you may be wondering how you can claim the rest to complete you collection.

Here’s how:
– 30 stamps are unlocked by achieving first place in any cup with each character, and will reward you with a stamp featuring whichever you chose to race as.
– 32 stamps are unlocked by defeating the first Developer Ghost on each track in Time Trial mode. These are themed around the track that you unlock them on.

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  1. I have achieved 88 out of my 90 stamps for Mario Kart 8 but I don’t know which stamps I have missed. How can I tell which stamps I have missed?


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