How To Unlock Characters In Super Mario Party: Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Dry Bones And Pom Pom

Diddy Kong Super Mario Party Screenshot

Goomba will always be the funniest choice to make, but you may be left wondering how to unlock characters in Super Mario Party.

There are four more guests that the Mushroom Kingdom’s party planners have invited, that, beyond the starting characters, will let you unlock Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Dry Bones and Pom Pom.

The problem is that Nintendo hasn’t been particularly clear about how to actually unlock them. Which is where we come in to help.

For all four characters, once you have met certain conditions you will spot them standing in Party Plaza where you must interact with them before you can select them on the character roster.

How To Unlock Diddy Kong In Super Mario Party

Donkey Kong’s sidekick and best friend, Diddy Kong is the first character that you will unlock when working your way through Challenge Road. You must complete a series of special challenges based on the game’s 80 minigames in this mode, which you can take on once you have unlocked all minigames by playing the other modes.

You will unlock Diddy Kong once you have successfully cleared the second area in Challenge Road, Chestnut Forest, where he will appear as your rival. After Diddy Kong claims that he would have beaten you if you had to climb trees, Toad will explain that

How To Unlock Donkey Kong In Super Mario Party

Those that want to unlock the heroic, banana-munching ape will need to spend time in River Survival, the new co-operative mode where four players must work together to make their way down an increasingly dangerous river.

Once you have successfully reached the end of your third different route, you will see Donkey Kong giving you a friendly wave as you cross the finish line. Return to the Party Plaza and you will soon find him waiting to join in the party, apologising for the fact that he’s late.

How To Unlock Dry Bones In Super Mario Party

Now, it wasn’t particularly clear how Dry Bones turned up in Party Plaza for me. I think that it was after I had collected my first Gem, which are your eventual reward in each of the game’s different modes. Keep methodically working your way through every mode, and he will soon appear.

How To Unlock Pom Pom In Super Mario Party

You will want to return to the Challenge Road to unlock Pom Pom, who is the fourth and final character in Super Mario Party. The character, who first appeared as a boss in Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo 3DS, will appear after you beat Princess Peach as your rival in Salty Sea. As with Diddy Kong, she will appear on the Party Plaza once you have beaten the minigame, after your competitive performance inspires her to become a Super Star too.

Super Mario Party is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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