How to join Splatoon’s first Splatfest this weekend


Splatoon‘s first Splatfest takes place this weekend after being briefly delayed due to “tentacle difficulties” with matchmaking, and here’s how to get involved.

When does the Splatfest start?
The event will start on Saturday and will run for 24 hours, although, depending on your location, the specific time that it kicks off will vary.

United Kingdom
Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th June: 6pm BST – 5.59pm BST

Mainland Europe
Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th June: 7pm CEST – 6.59pm CEST

North America
Saturday 4th June: 12am PT – 11.59pm PT

Sunday 5th – Monday 6th July: 3am AEST – 2.59am AEST

How do I play in the Splatfest?
This is the easy part. Once you arrive in Inkopolis Plaza, you will have to place your vote in a Ballot Box. For those in North America this will ask whether you prefer Cats or Dogs, whereas those in Europe and Australia will share their taste in music as to whether they prefer rock or pop.

Beyond this, all you need to do is head to the Lobby. Matchmaking will see you join teams that share the same tastes as you, as you splatter for inky supremacy.

How do I raise my Splatfest Rank?
Splatfest battles share the same rules as Turf War, but points that you earn will raise your Splatfest Rank. You can earn up to two points by inking the ground in a match, with three more points waiting to be claimed if your team wins.

There are five Splatfest Rank levels, and the higher the level that you achieve the more rewards you will receive once the event ends.

How do I earn a Super Sea Snail?
When the Splatfest ends, those that participated on the winning side will earn a Super Sea Snail. This can be used to add a slot to your gear or clear its existing abilities, opening up the chance for you to level it up again to see if you unlock different ones.

But, Nintendo have shared that even those on the losing side can still win a Super Sea Snail. Play your very best, and if you achieve a top Title your efforts may be rewarded.

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