How To Get Through The Lost Woods In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


Those looking to recover the Master Sword of Resurrection in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will first need to brave the Lost Woods as they look to reach the Korok Forest in Great Hyrule Forest.

It is easy to be unnerved by the mist that surrounds you when you arrive at the Lost Woods – a short walk from the Woodland Tower, which lies to the north-east of Hyrule Castle.

The early path is a simple one. Light the torch in front of you and a path of lit torches will illuminate the first route that you will be required to take. Always head to the lit torch that is nearest to you, and you will eventually arrive at a location where two torches sit in close proximity to one another – a torch leaning against one, and a tree with an unsettling grimace stood before you.

It is unclear at first, but the idea here is that you wander an invisible path to reach your destination, Korok Forest. Those directions are simple enough, which, when looking towards the grinning tree, will see you head left to then turn 90 degrees to your right as you start to near the forest’s edge. From here you will wander straight until you near the clearing when you will take a right before turning left again between two rocky cliffs that you near.

Those instructions likely sound muddled and while you can succeed through trial and error, there is a far easier way to quickly arrive at Korok Forest. Have Link wield a lit torch, and the embers that flicker from it will subtly indicate the direction that you need to wander in. Magic.

This will require that the player stop periodically to check which way the embers are drifting, but was the fastest method that we have found in order to reach Korok Forest where the Deku Tree has long awaited your arrival.

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