How To Fix A Game-Breaking Bug In Troll And I On Nintendo Switch


Maximum Games saw Troll and I as “the perfect first entry” for them on Nintendo Switch, but it is far from it.

Hardly setting the world alight when it released on other platforms in March, the mythical Nordic adventure had looked to come to the portable home console with renewed hope – developer Spiral House having worked hard on a major update that they had believed would address some criticism that it had received.

For all the promise that a new minimap, additional checkpoints, multiple difficulty settings, increased crafting speed, new tutorials, more text hints, increased resources for crafting and survivability, and overall balance improvements, Troll and I suffers from a far more catastrophic problem on Nintendo Switch.


There is a game-breaking bug that results in an unstable frame rate, character models with jittery animation, and menu icons that miraculously disappear as you scroll, leading to a more worrying concern in that you are unable to play the game for more than 10 minutes – soon met with a never-ending loading screen that cuts your adventure short as you climb over some rocks, which are the player’s only means to move forward in the area.

The developer has, however, identified the problem. The only way to resolve it is to hard reset the Nintendo Switch. That requires that you hold the Power Button down until the system resets, or, if preferred, press it until the quick menu appears to then select Power Options and then Turn Off.

I’ve tested the solution and it works, but I felt that it was important to make those that are picking it up aware in case they were affected.


That means that, so far, I can only really base my experience on the 10 minutes that I have played. That involves sniffing excrement to hunt wild boar, witnessing protagonist Otto leave his mother for dead when he clearly could have helped her, and fleeing from the most unimpressive flames on current-gen consoles.

Now that we have been able to resolve the bug, expect our review in the coming days.

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