How To Evolve Eevee In Pokémon Quest

Eevee Surprised Screenshot

We have already talked about how to evolve your pocket monsters in Pokémon Quest, but one question that everyone is still asking is how to evolve Eevee?

You can choose the Evolution Pokémon as your starter companion in this free-to-start RPG, but, as most will know from the mainline games, you would normally need to use a Water Stone, Thunder Stone or Fire Stone to evolve it into Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon.

Sadly, the way to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Quest is far less exciting. Once it reaches Level 36, Eevee will randomly evolve into Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon. And, well… that’s it.

Players had believed that the evolution path could be determined by the coloured slot where Eevee was placed in your team – evolving into Flareon if placed in the red slot, Vaporeon in the blue slot or Jolteon in the green slot – but, as more have had the chance to try the method has been proven wrong.

If you need more tips and pointers to get started in Pokémon Quest, we have a separate article with advice on how to evolve your Pokémon.


  1. nope this is wrong lmao, Had my eevee in the green slot, didn’t evolve into Jolteon like you said

    • They said in the article that the way evolve eevee like that was false lmao

    • They say in the article “the method has been proven false” Read you dumbass

  2. The eevee evolving fact is false I just did it and got a flareon when I was trying to get jolteon


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