How To Catch Ultra Beasts In Pokémon Sun And Moon


Ultra Beasts are the greatest mystery that you will encounter in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, their presence threatening humans and Pokémon in the Alola region.

With the Aether Foundation conducting research on such creatures, they soon unexpectedly emerge from an Ultra Wormhole and scatter across the region. While the Ultra Beasts do not dominate the main storyline, post-game content will provide the chance to catch them – and we’re here to help!

Spoiler Warning: The below references post-game content that happens after players have completed the main storyline.

After completing the game and becoming Champion, an “interested party” sends an old man to your house to give you an Enigmatic Card. This requests that you “go to a guest room in an Akala motel on Route 8,” which means the Roadside Motel next to the Pokémon Center – Charizard Glide will help you swiftly travel across.

Once you discover the right room you will meet Looker, a member of the International Police, and his boss Anabel who heads up the UB Task Force. The secret division has become aware that you encountered UB-01 Symbiont, otherwise known as Nihilego.

They reveal that wasn’t the only Ultra Beast to appear from the Ultra Wormhole, and, fearing their powers that exceed the boundaries and logic of our world, ask for your help in searching for them. The International Police’s three goals are to investigate the ecology of the unidentified Ultra Beasts, to protect the people from coming to any harm, and to either protect or destroy the Ultra Beasts as necessary.

As the first-ever Champion of Alola they request your assistance, with Anabel first challenging you to a battle in order to test your mettle. Beyond this, the player will take part in a string of missions as they hunt out Ultra Beasts across the Alola region.

Each can only be caught with Beast Balls, but you are provided with 10 every time that you set out to search for your next Ultra Beast. These are first given to you by Wicke at the Aether Foundation.

How To Catch Ultra Beasts In Pokémon Sun And Moon

Nihilego (UB-01 Symbiont)


Category: Parasite Pokémon
Type: Rock/Poison
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 122.4lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

Nihilego will be the first Ultra Beast that you encounter, with Looker telling you that it has been sighted in two locations – Wela Volcano Park or Diglett’s Tunnel on Akala Island. When you hear the striking Ultra Beast theme music at either location, Nihilego will appear in a random encounter – for example, when running through tall grass.

Buzzwole (UB-02 Absorption)


Category: Swollen Pokémon
Type: Bug/Fight
Height: 7’10”
Weight: 735.5lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

Buzzwole is exclusive to Pokémon Sun, and, after reporting back to the International Police that you discovered Nihilego, Looker will soon share that a second Ultra Beast has been sighted on Melemele Island. Head to the midway along Route 2, where Nanu will reveal that two Buzzwole have been sighted in Melemele Meadow.

Head there and start aimlessly running around the flowers, and Buzzwole will appear in a random encounter.

Pheromosa (UB-02 Beauty)


Category: Lissome Pokémon
Type: Bug/Fight
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 55.1lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

Pheromosa is exclusive to Pokémon Moon, and, as with Buzzwole, will be the second Ultra Beast that you hunt after successfully capturing Nihilego. Looker will share that Pheromosa has been sighted in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island. You will be tasked with catching four in total, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Xurkitree (UB-03 Lighting)


Category: Glowing Pokémon
Type: Electric
Height: 12’06”
Weight: 220.5lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

After successfully capturing the two Buzzwole or four Pheromosa, reporting back to the International Police will soon see them send you on your next mission. Travel back to the Route 8’s Roadside Motel on Akala Island, where you will battle Mina. After this Looker will send you to Lush Jungle or Memorial Hill, where two Xurkitree specimens have been sighted.

Make sure that you can hear the Ultra Beast theme playing, and then they can be encountered by running into tall grass as usual.

Kartana (UB-04 Blade)


Category: Drawn Sword Pokémon
Type: Grass/Steel
Height: 1’00”
Weight: 0.2lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

With the Xurkitree safely captured, return to the Roadside Motel. Nanu will appear, revealing that he has seen Kartana on Ula’ula Island. Meet Looker and Anabel at the motel on Route 13, and you will be instructed to investigate Route 17 and Malie Garden where it has been sighted.

Kartana is exclusive to Pokémon Sun and there are four to capture, so make sure that you have enough healing items for your party. As usual, they can be encountered by running into the tall grass.

Celesteela (UB-04 Blaster)


Category: Launch Pokémon
Type: Steel/Flying
Height: 30’02”
Weight: 2204.4lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

Celesteela is another Ultra Beast that is exclusive to Pokémon Moon. After capturing the four Xurkitree, Nanu will reveal that these Ultra Beasts have been sighted in Haina Desert and Malie Garden. You will be required to catch two at either location, before reporting back to the International Police.

Guzzlord (UB-05 Glutton)


Category: Junkivore Pokémon
Type: Dark/Dragon
Height: 18’01”
Weight: 1957.7lbs
Ability: Beast Boost

After learning more about Looker and Nanu’s past, you will be asked to meet them at the floating restaurant in Seafolk Village on Poni Island. Nanu will challenge you to a battle, which, after you win, will see Looker reveal that Guzzlord is located in Resolution Cave.

This is the final Ultra Beast that you will encounter in the game, and perhaps the toughest. But, thankfully, you will only need to catch one.

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