Horror Tales: The Wine Coming To Nintendo Switch

Horror Tales: The Wine Screenshot

Carlos Coronado has revealed that Horror Tales: The Wine will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

This is the first game to be released as part of the Horror Tales saga, which will offer three first-person horror games that will each offer “different takes.”

In Horror Tales: The Wine, you play as Martí Vermelló. After a pandemic causing “strong fever, terrible delirium and death” relentlessly decimates those that inhabit an archipelago, a rumour spreads that a prestigious red wine can cure the infection.

Desperate to help your loved ones, you steal a boat and set out for the winery where the red wine is made. If you can recover just one unopened bottle it will be enough…

Horror Tales: The Wine will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2021.

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