Horizon Chase Turbo Content Roadmap Delivers New Modes, Cars And Campaigns

Horizon Chase Turbo Roadmap Screenshot

Aquiris has outlined the content roadmap for Horizon Chase Turbo, revealing what content is coming to the retro-inspired racer in the coming months.

That plan includes a new scoring system in Playground Mode that rewards you with exclusive prizes, new downloadable content that introduces new cars and campaigns, and new game modes.

Horizon Chase Turbo 2019 Roadmap Details

Playground Mode 2.0
In addition to be the fastest, win and lead the ranking, now players have another good reason to check into our Playground Mode: get exclusive prizes. Collecting coins in a new scoring system they will gain access to new skins in special seasons.

New Downloadable Content
Horizon Chase Turbo already brings hours and hours of fun and speed, but for the hardcore retroracers, it’s never enough. Thinking of them, we are working on new downloadable content with new cars, new campaigns and more.

New Game Modes
When it comes to designing upgrades, granting fun for the gamer always gets the pole position. Our team analyzes players behavior within the game and their thoughts on social media. Thus we get insights for new ideas and upgrades. There are surprises right ahead, you can count on it!

Horizon Chase Turbo is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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