HORI Announce Left Joy-Con With D-Pad For Nintendo Switch

HORI Left Joy-Con D-Pad Switch Photo

HORI has announced that they will release a Left Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch that has a four-way D-pad, which is something that many have been hoping for since the portable home console was released.

The peripheral will be priced at 2,678 yen incl. tax (£17.90), but the main drawback is that it can only be used in Handheld Mode. That’s because, while it is ideal for playing retro and fighting games, it does not support wireless connectivity over Bluetooth with the Nintendo Switch.

And, if you were wondering why it doesn’t carry a high price point, Famitsu reports that the Left Joy-Con does not have SL and SR Buttons, LED lights, a synchronisation button, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, nor the motors used for HD Rumble.

HORI will release the Left Joy-Con with a D-Pad across Japan in July 2018.

HORI Left Joy-Con D-Pad Photo

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