Hop Down Cliffs In Totes The Goat On Nintendo Switch


Atooi has announced that Totes the Goat will release on Nintendo Switch, that will soon see players happily hopping down a cliff.

With origins as a mobile game, it challenges players to evade hazardous Wily Wolves that revert the blocks they hop on, Cranky Crows that can leap two spaces at once, and dumb Bully Bears, that hop around aimlessly. Once a cliff tier has been fully rejuvenated, players will hop down to the next as they see how low they can reach.

The game was played with swipe controls, and while the developer hasn’t shared whether the game will support button input or not we know that the Nintendo Switch version will have additional characters.

Totes the Goat will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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