Honest Game Trailers Tackles Star Fox Zero


“Prepare to do a barrel roll, over and over again.” Smosh Games have tackled Star Fox Zero in their satirical Honest Game Trailers series, painting the Wii U exclusive as an “intergalactic petting zoo.”

Their trailer invites you to go back in time to an experience that is so old school it is practically identical to the earlier games, which saw release in the 90’s. That sees Star Fox Zero constructed around the same levels, enemies, bosses, branching level structure, and story as Star Fox 64.

The control scheme is also scorned, as are the interior Walker sections and the tedious hacking minigames when piloting the Gyrocopter.

It is particularly brutal in its critique in places, but then, Star Fox Zero has proven to be a rather divisive release from both critics and fans alike. We appreciated it in our review, but, what did you think?

Star Fox Zero is now available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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