Honest Game Trailers Tackles Mighty No. 9 Into Submission


Smosh Games has taken on Mighty No. 9 in their Honest Game Trailers series, which is once again loaded with satirical criticism.

Comcept and Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the Mega Man series released to an underwhelming critical and consumer response last month, ending a notoriously turbulent time in development after their record Kickstarter success.

This honest take doesn’t hold back on any punches, opening by calling out those that are gullible enough to use crowdfunding platforms in the first place. We move on to hear Keiji Inafune criticised for cashing in on his former success, Beck being such a clear Mega Man clone that it was a surprise they weren’t sued, and crowning Mighty No. 9 “one of the most spectacular belly flops in Kickstarter history.”

Delays, another Kickstarter for voice acting, more delays, a third Kickstarter for DLC, more delays, and terrible marketing amount to a game that, they say, looks like a GameCube title and “plays like a tangled slinky.” It’s perhaps brutal and unkind, but the comments largely echo those that many are already making online.

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