Hive Jump Lands On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Hive Jump Screenshot

Graphite Labs has announced that their sci-fi action platformer Hive Jump will see release on Nintendo Switch next month.

The developer has teamed up with Wooden Anchor Games to port the game to the portable home console, but it won’t have leaderboards or online play – limited to local co-op experience for up to four players.

When aliens overrun the planet, it is down to you to lend your bug blasting excellence to the Jump CORPS to save the day. That will see you run, jump, and jetpack as you blast and bomb your way through dangerous caverns populated with the extraterrestrials.

There are plenty of Challenge Modes to unload your gun in, including Clean Run, Speed Run, Hardcore, and Endless, the last seeing your powers raised to superhuman levels to take on a 99-depth hive gauntlet.

Hive Jump will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 11th January 2019.

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