Hironobu Sakaguchi reflects on Japanese Earthquake Disaster


Following the fateful events of the devastating earthquake, and resulting tsunami, that struck Japan last month, it has understandably been a very challenging time for the country.

With Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura having earlier detailed that the disaster cost the Japanese gaming industry over $88 million, acclaimed developer Hironobu Sakaguchi, largely known as the man behind Square Enix’s hugely successful Final Fantasy series, has conferred his thoughts on how the disaster has affected him.

Noting his month of absence since his previous article, Sakaguchi writes:

“I’ve been taking photos of the sky almost everyday. While looking up the sunrise and sunset for only about 5 minutes, I sense the vigorous nature. From the feel of wind and humidity, I notice everyday is different. I realize the big flow of nature from its two different sides: “beauty” and “severity” which I experienced during the recent disaster of earthquakes in Japan.

I’ve been holding back from surfing because of my daunted mind for a while but recently I start going back to the ocean. There again I see the two different sides of the nature: tranquility while waiting for a wave to surf and power when I ride a wave. It’s a comfort and destruction. And also it’s cosmos and chaos.

I heard that the shape of the cosmos’ structures are similar to bubbles and cells and also tiers of prime numbers are similar to energy vicissitude of atomic nucleus. There must be some regularity principles with the repetition of calmness and movement, comfort and destruction, and life and death. Or those vibrating repetitions might generate regularity principles.

I’m pondering these things over and over…”

I am sure, like many others, that our thoughts are continually with those affected by the tragedy as the country continues its efforts to rebuild.

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