Hironobu Sakaguchi joins Mega64 for GDC 2015 comedy sketch


Hironobu Sakaguchi was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 15th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards last night, although took the opportunity to make light on his past successes.

He collaborated with Mega64 for a comedy skit tracing what he thought would be the close of his career at Square Enix with Final Fantasy. It instead birthed one of the industry’s most revered franchises, seeing company executive’s repeatedly request him to produce sequels. Even with increasingly outlandish ideas Final Fantasy’s success only continues until, when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within bombed, Sakaguchi is eventually fired by Cliff Bleszinski. He rejoices in his newfound freedom, and purses his dream of becoming a hip hop artist.

It’s all tongue in cheek even if shrouded in truth, although it went down a storm with those attending last night’s awards ceremony. Sakaguchi shared his recording of the video being shown, pleased with his acting debut. Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award, Sakaguchi-san!

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