Hino: “My goal is to create a new game franchise every year”

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During the latest Iwata Asks column Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has begun a series of interviews with third-party developers that are to support the company’s forthcoming Nintendo 3DS system, kicking off with President and CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino.

Within, Hino discusses the Dragon Quest series as being one of his early influences in becoming a developer, before later discussing the vision with which he formed his own studio. Responding to a compliment regarding the consistency of quality of the Professor Layton series, even though they were each developed within a short time-frame, Hino explains:

“That’s true. My objective is, first of all, to liven up the game industry, and my goal is to create a new game franchise every year. So the year after we created Professor Layton and the Curious Village, we made the Inazuma Eleven series, and after that it was Ni no Kuni and The Little Battlers.”

The ever-growing popularity and quality of Level-5’s output is unquestionable, especially within the Japanese development circle when other developer’s are decrying that they can’t keep up with Western studios, such a move certainly seems particularly bold.

He continues, “I feel as though, if we don’t keep putting out new games that way, the game world really will be finished. So, while we create new games as our thesis, since we also need to stabilize as a company, we create series games as well.”

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