High Voltage: Wii still has “a lot more to achieve”

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Whilst many are calling on Nintendo to release a Wii successor, Conduit 2 developer High Voltage Software have commented their belief that the console still has “a lot more to achieve.”

Having been asked within the latest issue of games™ as to whether the Wii could still be pushed further in terms of visuals,
Art Director Matt Corso commented: “Yes. It definitely can, but you need a lot of experience with the hardware. I would say that Conduit 2, in many ways, is not really achieving the system’s full potential.”

He continues, “Every time we do a game on Wii, we find little advancements we can make with the hardware that we didn’t know we could do with the last game.”

High Voltage Software won acclaim for pushing the boundaries of the console with The Conduit, with their efforts on its sequel sure to earn the same. Corso added that if the studio was to ever develop a third Conduit game for the Wii, that “it would look even better and play even better,” before finally commenting that “The Wii isn’t done yet, there’s still a lot more to achieve.”

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