Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition Hits Retailers In November

Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition Logo

ININ Games and Rogueside have confirmed a release date for Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition on Nintendo Switch.

This has seen the charming point-and-click puzzler receive a physical release, which bundles in five downloadable content packs.

You will begin in the Stone Age in the base game, witnessing the course of history as you click your way through hand-drawn levels based on Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages and the lawless Wild West.

Your adventure will then continue in the downloadable content – Viking Tales, Legends of Japan, Roads to Rome, Aztec Rituals and Pirate Treasures – which each add 10 new levels, themed objects and characters.

These can then be used within the game’s in-game level editor, with the chance to share your creations in the cloud with cross-platform support. You will also be able to discover, play and rate levels created by others around the world.

Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition will release at retailers worldwide on 11 November 2022.

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