Hexen-Inspired GRAVEN Receives New Trailer


3D Realms, 1C Entertainment and Slipgate Ironworks have released a new trailer for GRAVEN, which is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This dark-fantasy action-adventure FPS has been created as a spiritual successor to Hexen II, in an experience that has looked to blend action, exploration and puzzle-solving as you journey through three expansive, open-ended regions.

GRAVEN is set in “a gruesome medieval world of deities and monstrosities,” in which you will play as a disgraced Priest of the Orthogonal Order. After a heretical member of the Order sacrifices his adoptive daughter, he “lethally retaliates in a bout of righteous fury.”

Tried and found guilty of his crime, the Priest is now exiled to the burning sands. Praying for one last time to find peace, the Creator speaks to him directly: “You will have to earn your peace.”

You must your journal to direct your quest for salvation, slaying the monsters responsible for tormenting the local townsfolk. To banish them, you will have magic staves, spells, wrist-mounted crossbows and more at your disposal which can be upgraded at blacksmiths and alchemists.

There’s also the chance to team up with another player in split-screen co-op, or with up to four players online.

GRAVEN will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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