Heracross and Pinsir distribution event now live in North America


The Heracross and Pinsir distribution event for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, inadvertently revealed by National Geographic magazine, is now live across North America.

The Level 50 Heracross is exclusive to Pokémon X players, with the Level 50 Pinsir able to be claimed by those with Pokémon Y. These are available to download through the Nintendo Network between 13th August – 17th September 2014, which will shortly be accompanied by Heracronite and Pinsirite Mega Stone serial codes being distributed by GameStop outlets across the country from 18th – 31st August 2014.

To download your relevant Pokémon, firstly select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu. From here select “Receive Gift” and then “Get by Internet,” after which the game will search and detect the Pokémon. Select “Yes” to accept it, and then you will need to visit a Pokémon Center to speak to a delivery girl to receive it.

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