Heracross and Pinsir Pokémon X & Y distribution event set for North America

In an unlikely scenario, an advert within the pages of National Geographic magazine has revealed incoming distribution events for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y across North America.

This will firstly see Heracross and Pinsir become available to download through the Nintendo Network between 13th August – 17th September 2014, during which GameStop outlets across the country will distribute special serial codes between 18th August – 31st August 2014 for Heracronite and Pinsirite Mega Stones.

The Level 50 Heracross will be exclusive to Pokémon X players, and will have the moves Bullet Seed, Pin Missile, Close Combat and Megahorn, while similarly the Level 50 Pinsir will be exclusive to Pokémon Y players and have the moves X-Scissor, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Return.

So far there is no additional information beyond that, whether that be specific GameStop locations that are participating or if the same event will be taking place in other countries. We’ll keep you posted as any announcements are made!

[Thanks Serebii]

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