Help To Let Go In The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story

The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story Logo

eastasiasoft and Watchmaker have announced that The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story will release on Nintendo Switch later this month.

You will follow Wyatt Heyll’s journey in this haunting psychological horror game, a young man who was stricken with “a multitude of ailments” from an early age.

On the verge of death, his parents administer the Sorrowvirus, a paranormal substance that “contaminates the human soul and prevents it from passing on to the afterlife.” This causes a subject to fall into Purgatory instead where they can heal and return to life. Unfortunately, every time that Wyatt comes back his cancers and illnesses return more quickly than before.

His parents allow him to continue to die repeatedly while they research organic particles found in Purgatory that may cure him once and for all. However, Wyatt simply wants to let go.

You must help free Wyatt from his everlasting torment, exploring haunting environments in first-person, deducing solutions to puzzles and discovering clues that will unravel his tragic tale and lead you to one of four endings – with only one being the true path.

The Sorrowvirus: A Faceless Short Story will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 27th April 2022.

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