Help Earthlings In Part Time UFO On Nintendo Switch

Part Time UFO Logo

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have revealed that Part Time UFO is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This puzzler was previous released on mobile, and has now been treated to a port to the portable home console.

You play as a cute little UFO, challenged to help the citizens of Earth with your extendable claw. That will task you with moving objects to their designated platform, where you must balance, arrange and build them to achieve multiple objectives.

There’s the chance for you to recruit a friend to play in cooperative mode, two players working together to complete “a more difficult variation” of each job.

The Tower of Infinity mode will task you with reaching for the stars to achieve a high score, stacking objects that are flown in on helicopters to build the tallest tower possible.

Part Time UFO is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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