Hello Games: Inaccurate motion control “reduces interactivity” and is “harmful”


Poor implementation of motion controls can be detrimental to providing players with interactive experiences according to comments made by Sean Murray, Managing Director for Hello Games.

He revealed his thoughts that “inaccurate motion control actually reduces interactivity and that’s harmful.” Such comments weren’t directly aimed in relation to the Wii, having been aimed at recent footage of Kinect launch title Joy Ride that demonstrated a player achieving third place without even participating.

“It’s such as shame, it’s such a lost opportunity,” Murray continued. “It is actually a good game, but there’s a danger of making games too casual and removing interactivity, and you see that sometimes. I think even the casual gamer doesn’t want to just have reward.”

There is no doubt that Nintendo’s introduction to the world of motion control has brought a far wider audience of both core and casual gamers to the mix, yet Murray’s sentiment holds true. Without thorough design and implementation, some games fall short of offering the interactive experiences that form the more enjoyable portion of offerings for the Wii console.

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