Heart-Rate Monitor Beats With Nintendo NX


PixArt Imaging may be collaborating with Nintendo on their next-generation Nintendo NX console, a “dedicated game platform” that is still awaiting a reveal.

DigiTimes reports that the Taiwanese integrated circuit design company has started to increase shipments of their complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) heart-rate monitoring solutions, which they anticipate will boost sales and earnings significantly in the third quarter.

These solutions will be used in wearable technologies produced by LG Electronics, Longcheer Technology and Under Armour, with their sensor using the photoplethysmogram technique that transmits LED light waves into the skin while measuring changes in how it is absorbed due to pulsating arterial blood.

PixArt expect to send chips that support virtual reality to manufacture by the end of the 2016, and, of more interest, is that they will support Nintendo NX.

You will remember that Nintendo had explored heart-rate monitoring with the Vitality Sensor, a concept for Wii that was soon shelved.

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