Has-Been Heroes Goes Rogue On Nintendo Switch


GameTrust has announced Has-Been Heroes for Nintendo Switch, a rogue-like strategy game created by Trine series developer Frozenbyte.

The premise is brilliant, reflecting on the fact that a time comes when even the bravest of champions are just one last adventure away from retirement. In Has-Been Heroes, a young rogue has joined the heroic-yet-rusty crew and can, thankfully, read the tiny text on potion bottles.

She arrives not a moment too soon as King Fortinbrax has summoned his oldest and most trusted heroes for a final, epic quest. The heroes are tasked with escorting the twin Princesses Avaline and Beatrix to a faraway Princess Academy, but the road is long and fraught with peril.

The player will control three characters at a time, combining hundreds of different spells to create devastating combo effects that can be used against enemies that they encounter. With irreverent humour, expanding world maps, and ever increasing levels of difficulty, players will need to remain focused as the randomness of spells and items will force the player to change their game style each time or risk losing everything due to permadeath.

With more than 300 spells, 14 regions and 12 heroes, the game is packed with content and promises to take advantage of Nintendo Switch, whether that be the Joy-Con’s innovative linear vibration mode to seamlessly switching from console to portable while never stopping the adventure.

Has-Been Heroes will release on Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

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