Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Rebuilds The Town In First Feature Spotlight Video


Natsume has started a new Feature Spotlight series for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, presenting an early look at the agricultural sim.

This explores your role in helping rebuild a nearby village after it was struck by a severe storm, with your efforts ultimately seeing the villagers return to the island.

“One of the exciting new features in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is the rebuilding aspect of the game,” Harvest Moon series producer Taka Maekawa explained.

“Since you’ve landed on an island that’s been hit by a severe storm, most of the buildings have been destroyed when you first arrive. Therefore, it’s your job to rebuild them so that the villagers who used to reside there will return to the island.

“Rebuilding will start out fairly easy. For example, Sam the merchant’s house will only require a few pieces of lumber to rebuild. However, as you proceed through the game, the more challenging the items to rebuild the various buildings across the island will be to acquire!

“And in addition to houses, you’ll need to repair things like bridges that were also damaged in the storm to access new and interesting areas!”

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will release on Nintendo Switch, with Natsume handling publishing duties in North America and Rising Star Games looking after Europe.

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