Hardcore Top-Down Shooter Uragun Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2020

Uragun Key Art

Kool2Play Studio has announced that Uragun is in development for Nintendo Switch, a hardcore top-down shooter “with a pinch of tactical combat.”

After wave-upon-wave of supersmart AI-controlled machines swarm major cities across the world, you gear up in a heavily armed mech suit and set out to eliminate them.

With an experience that “combines the dense atmosphere of the cult classic Syndicate and the dynamic gameplay of Crimsonland with the tactical elements of Helldivers,” the killer robots are controlled by a dynamic AI without any predetermined actions or set pieces.

That promises to result in unpredictable battles, as the machines that you face modify their behaviour in response to the conditions that they encounter in the environment.

Uragun will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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