Hand-Drawn Adventure Blanc Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Gearbox Publishing and Casus Ludi have announced that their endearing, artistic cooperative adventure game Blanc is coming to Nintendo Switch, news that was shared in today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.

Promising a “breathtaking hand-drawn experience,” the game’s heartwarming story follows a stranded wolf cub and a fawn as they journey to overcome the odds to be reunited with their families.

“At Casus Ludi, we’ve been crafting game-related experiences for years to foster conversation and understanding on topics and concepts with a social dimension,” explains Casus Ludi founder and game designer Florent De Grissac. “Blanc is a passion project for us, and it is our first video game title. With Blanc, we want to create a meaningful experience without antagonism, based on mutual aid and empathy, for everyone to enjoy no matter their
skill level.”

Gearbox Publishing president Steve Gibson adds: “It has been an honour to partner with Casus Ludi on their delightful and inspired new game, Blanc. Casus Ludi’s vision is distinct and heartfelt. We are captivated by the artistry and the poetic atmosphere emanating from
Blanc and can’t wait to share it. Blanc, through its bonding themes, intuitive experiences, and smooth gameplay is perfectly suited to bring joy to anyone who wants to share an experience with a friend or loved one – even those who may have never played a videogame.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • An emotional journey Experience the poetic tale of a wolf cub and fawn as they travel through stunning landscapes. Lost in a sudden snowstorm, the duo will be forced to lean on each other to follow the footprints their families left behind in the snow.
  • Breathtaking hand-crafted art: Immerse yourself in the beautiful black-and-white world – completely hand-drawn before coming to life in 3D. Blanc focuses on the journey and experience while tugging at the hearts of players. A soothing soundscape supports the game’s text-free gameplay and storytelling.
  • Find your way home: Each animal has its own complementary strengths that will help you navigate the serene, snowy landscapes. Using only two buttons and movement, this simple gameplay allows anyone to play and follow their journey home.
  • Cooperative experience: Two players take control of either the wolf cub or the fawn. Guide them through the environment, unforgiving weather, and obstacles that you must face together. Build a relationship together locally on the same screen or from far away with online play.

Blanc will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in February 2023.

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