Halo Infinite Co-Developer’s Stela Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Stela Logo

SkyBox Labs has announced that their cinematic platformer Stela is now available on Nintendo Switch.

It is about a young woman who witnesses the final days of a mysterious ancient world.

Accompanied by the refrains of an original ambient soundtrack, you will be challenged to escape monstrosities such as dormant beasts and haunting shadows while solving massive puzzles “intertwined with beautiful-yet-decaying landscapes including pale snowdrifts, abandoned farms and massive catacombs.”

The Halo Infinite co-developer’s game comes to the portable home console as a “definitive version,” with an expanded ending, visual improvements that emphasise story elements, 15 secret areas, unlockable 3D dioramas that reveal a prophecy about the world of Stela, and more.

“Everything in Stela – the music, the monsters, the environments – exists in service of the story,” explains SkyBox Labs co-founder Shyang Kong.

“We’ve received lots of great feedback from Stela’s players and have worked to improve the narrative experience alongside ports to new platforms, making it the perfect version for new fans while offering those who tried it the first time around plenty of reasons to revisit the tale.”

Stela is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at $19.99.

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