HAL Laboratory Celebrate Kirby’s 23rd Birthday

kirby super smash bro for wii u

Inarguably ranking among Nintendo’s most famous icons, HAL Laboratory has taken a moment to celebrate Kirby reaching his 23rd birthday.

Known for his insatiable desire to inhale any nearby object, the star warrior shares such a momentous day with King Dedede, Waddle Dee and Kracko – who all appeared in Game Boy’s Kirby’s Dream Land.

Having already shared Kirby’s Adventure as his favourite game in the main series, this year director Shinya Kumazaki chose to highlight Kirby Air Ride as his pick of the pink puffball’s spin-off outings. He names Celestial Valley’s sunrise setting as his favourite course – admitting slight bias for having designed it – and the Winged Star as his favourite Air Ride Machine.

He shares his hope that Kirby will continue his adventures away from the side-scrolling action of the main series, which was most recently seen in Wii U exclusive Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush earlier this year. Happy Birthday, Kirby!

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