HAL Laboratory celebrate Kirby Triple Deluxe’s first anniversary


HAL Laboratory have been fairly active on Miiverse over the past year discussing Kirby Triple Deluxe‘s development, but this past weekend marked a special date.

Saturday 2nd May marked the Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s first anniversary since it launched in North America, and game director Shinya Kumazaki has shared a special message to mark the occasion. Within, Kumazaki shares the inspiration behind the game’s title, why King Dedede’s important role in the story fit in, and their aim during development.

We were fairly enamoured by Kirby Triple Deluxe before launch, concluding in our review: “Kirby Triple Deluxe is as much a technical extravaganza for the 3DS hardware as Super Mario 3D Land was nearly three years ago. Kirby truly shines here under HAL Laboratory’s perfected craftsmanship, ultimately seeing the developer deliver the handheld’s first blockbuster of 2014.”

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