Hacker Simulator Commander ’85 Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Ultimate Games and The Moonwalls have announced that Commander ’85 is in development for Nintendo Switch.

You play as a teenager who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. After receiving a Commander computer as a birthday present, you discover that this state-of-the-art computer comes equipped with a real artificial intelligence system.

The experience will look to combine elements of adventure, simulation and survival games, seeing you hack data networks, play games, draw, play with your dog or watch videotapes.

“Commander ’85 will be full of surprises. The plot will deal with, among others, themes of the arms race, military experiments, the Roswell incident, nuclear war and – of course – artificial intelligence,” explains The Moonwalls lead developer, Marcin Makaj.

“However, I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the fun. It’s important to note that each game session is basically different. We’ve prepared hundreds of different possibilities, many random elements, side quests and three different endings.”

Ultimate Games CEO Mateusz Zawadzki adds: “This unique project has been in development for several years and is being created with great passion and equally great attention to detail. For example, the game features an operating system resembling DOS, which we can use to experiment with various commands.

“This is of course just one example – Commander ’85 offers many different little Easter Eggs and references. All retro and 1980s fans will feel at home. The game by The Moonwalls will surely appeal to, among others, fans of Stranger Things and similar series and all those looking for surprising solutions and fresh approaches in games.”

Commander ’85 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Autumn 2020.

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  1. I just heard of this game a few days ago. Apparently, it was made available for the Switch in 2020, yet here in 2022, I can’t find it anywhere in the eShop. Was the game canceled or removed?

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