Gunslingers heads to Wii complete with “western-style revolver attachments”

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Interworks Unlimited have today announced that action-packed rail shooter Gunslingers is headed to Wii.

Utilising the capabilities of the Wii Remote you’ll be placed into the middle of a gripping cowboy saga, and with pistol or shotgun in hand you must shoot fast and think later in order to beat the sinister Professor Molina.

Encapsulating Story, Deadly Survival and Trap Shoot modes, Gunslingers packs plenty of content and promises non-stop cinematic gunplay complete with steampunk style visuals. Friends can also get in on the arcade action within four-player co-op.

Gunslingers will be available for Wii across North America on August 30th, and will be accompanied by two “western-style revolver attachments” for your Wii Remote.

61yRHqO8SrL. SL500 AA300

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