Gunman Clive sales surpass 250,000 copies


With the indie title’s Steam release approaching, creator Bertil Hörberg has shared that Gunman Clive’s sales have now surpassed 250,000 copies – “the vast majority of which were on the 3DS eShop.”

“Less than a week until Gunman Clive releases on Steam! Perhaps I ought to start promoting it somehow,” Hörberg wrote. “I find it hard to get excited about the Steam release myself though… the game is almost 2 years old and has been released so many times.

“At this point I’m really only curious to see how the sales compares to other markets. It has already sold more than I ever imagined. Gunman Clive has now sold more than a quarter of a million copies; the vast majority of which were on the 3DS eShop.”

In responding to well wishes about Japanese sales, Hörberg revealed that they had been “very good, basically the same as the rest of the world combined.” Circle Entertainment had published the title in the region on his behalf.

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