Gunman Clive creator working on Zelda-inspired title


Gunman Clive creator Bertil Hörberg has revealed the direction he is taking with his next project.

Making use of a top-down perspective with 3D graphics, his next Nintendo 3DS release takes heavy inspiration from the older entries within The Legend of Zelda series.

“It’s still very early in development and a lot of the design isn’t finalized, but it’s very heavily inspired by the early Zelda games; it uses a topdown perspective with 3D graphics and it’s for the 3DS,” Hörberg explained to Siliconera.

“The artstyle is fairly different from the new Zelda but has some influences from [A Link to the Past] as well, so yes I think comparisons will certainly be made [to A Link to the Past 2].”

He continued, “I think most players realize that my resources are rather more limited though and I wouldn’t presume to be in direct competition with Nintendo. I just hope people will be up for a bit more old-school action adventure gameplay regardless.”

With the success that Gunman Clive saw, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing how this next title turns out.

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