How to unlock Impa in Hyrule Warriors

Sheikah Tribesman Impa is the first character that you will unlock in Hyrule Warriors. Capable of wielding water-based Giant Blades and fiery Naginata, Impa will become available as a playable fighter...


Where is the Rope Ladder in Fantasy Life?

In looking to help Princess Laura escape from the confines of her chamber, Fantasy Life asks for you to recover a rope ladder. With no precise indication as to where this is located, you may be left r...


How to unlock Gold Standard Kart on Mario Kart 8

If you’re looking for something to show your friends just how much of a Mario Kart 8 expert you truly are, how does a Gold Standard Kart sound? This can be unlocked by receiving at least one Sta...


How to unlock all Mario Kart 8 characters

Mario Kart 8’s requirements for unlocking all characters are far less time consuming than those of earlier games in the karting series. While Mario Kart Wii required players to unlock Time Trial...


How to unlock Gold Glider on Mario Kart 8

Another opportunity to show your friends just how dedicated your are in Mario Kart 8, is to look to unlock the Gold Glider. This is a fairly simple accomplishment, requiring players to collect 10,000 ...


How to unlock complete Stamp Collection in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is another game in which Nintendo choose to distract us in our Stamp Collection pursuits. These can be used in any Miiverse posts that you create relating to the Wii U exclusive, and you ...

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