Grimer Named As The Ugliest Pokémon

grimer image

You may remember that Mewtwo was recently named as the most handsome Pokémon. Well, Japanese website Goo Ranking are back with another poll, asking 500 participants aged between 20 to 30 about which Pokémon they thought were the most unattractive.

That the Poison-type Sludge Pokémon Grimer crowned as the ugliest of them all, which even managed to beat its evolution Muk into second place. The top five were rounded out by Weezing, Jynx and Hypno – one of which I would have certainly placed at the top!

You can see the complete top 20 list below, and let us know whether you agree or not!

1. Grimer
2. Muk
3. Weezing
4. Jynx
5. Hypno
6. Skrelp
7. Exeggutor
8. Gloom
9. Magmortar
10. Victreebel
11. Pinsir
12. Tangrowth
13. Drowzee
14. Garbodor
15. Feebas
16. Magmar
17. Magikarp
18. Stunfisk
19. Eelektrik
20. Seismitoad

[Thanks Kotaku]
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