Gravity-manipulating Antipole hits Nintendo DSiWare next week


Saturnine Games have confirmed that their gravity-manipulating action-platformer Antipole is due to release in Europe on Nintendo DSiWare next Thursday.

The game, which will be available to purchase through the Nintendo DSi Shop and the 3DS’ Nintendo eShop, equips players with the ability to change the world around them by temporarily altering the direction of gravity. Your gravity manipulator grants you the ability to create an area around you where gravity is reversed for short periods of time.

This affects everything caught within such an area, including the player and his enemies, although the manipulator only has a limited supply of energy but will recharge once the device is inactive and the player is standing on solid ground. The device may be used in instances to allow you to run on the ceiling, jump long distances or fling enemies into deadly hazards.

As an added bonus, the European release has been fully localizated into French, Italian, German, and Spanish, in addition to the original English.

Antipole is due to be available through the Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo eShop in Europe on December 29th, priced at 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

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