Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods Bring Mario Kart Flair To Los Santos


We have already seen what could happen if Star Wars and Mario Kart collided this week, and now the Mushroom Kingdom stars have veered onto the bustling streets in Grand Theft Auto 5.

IGN have spotlighted two new mods for the open world action-adventure, Superkart 250cc and Super Mario Masks by Foster and TheNathanNS respectively. Combined, they let you cruise around Los Santos in a slick kart, with your selected character pretending to be Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi or Wario.

It leaves us wondering what might have been, with Rockstar Games having once said that Grand Theft Auto 5 on Wii U was “up for consideration.” It later emerged that the studio had even gone as far as to prototype their blockbuster game on Nintendo’s home console, before abandoning the idea.

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